DWS Basic

  • You have be in the 3. semester bachelor or above
  • You passed the safety instruction at the beginning of the first semester of your bachelor studies
  • You read and understand the general¬†workshop rules
  1. Register for this class at the bottom of this page
  2. Carefully read the exercise and watch the lecture sent to you by mail
  3. Use the provided learning material to prepare your files and complete the task
  4. Go to the digital workshop and make your model
  5. Show your model to the Raplab-Staff to gain access to the digital workshop
  • Laser Cutter
  • Cutting Plotter
  • 3D Printer

Learning Goals

At the conclusion of the class digital workshop basic students will be able to:

  1. Prepare files for the laser cutter, the cutting plotter and the 3d-printer
  2. Use the laser cutter, the cutting plotter and the 3d-printer by independently
  3. Understand the basics of landscape models
  4. Know how to prepare and acquire data for landscape models
  5. Understand the basics of working with Rhino3d
  6. Know and understand the use of the Isohypsen-Rhino-Plugin

The Exercise

Build a simple landscape model with cut contour lines, engraved cadastre data and a 3d-printed building in the scale of 1:1000.

Use the GIS-Browser to select a plot of your choice of 100x100m located in the city of Zurich.
Build a 1:1000 contour model with engraved cadastre data and a 3d-printed building.


Alessandro Tellini, Head of Raplab
HIL B 41, TEL:  044 633 49 93, MAIL: tellini@arch.ethz.ch