GWS Plaster Workshop



The GWS Plaster Workshop offers students the opportunity to experiment with plaster, concrete, ceramics, glass fusing and plastics. The workshop equipment includes various kilns, a potter’s wheel, a band saw for plaster, a sandblasting unit and a compulsory mixer for concrete.


In the first year of study, you will receive an obligatory introduction to safety and model making by the Raplab, which takes place in the Plaster and the Wood Workshop.
Upon successful completion, you have access during opening hours.



Ceramic stove*

Diameter: 65cm
Hight: 60cm

Ceramics (clay and porcelain)

Concrete compulsory mixer

Max. 15 litres

Sandblasting machine

Area: 45cm x 40cm
Hight: 26 cm

Pottery wheel

Diameter: 30 cm

Small ceramic stove*

Area: 45cm x 40cm
Hight: 26cm

Sink basin

Band saw

Only plaster

  • Machines marked with * are operated by the Raplab and are available by arrangement.