Laser Cutter Checklist

– ensure that what you want to cut can not be done in a more efficient way

              – by hand

              – with another machine

              – with another technique

– check acceptable materials → raplab laser tutorial

– prepare your drawings

              – simplify complex geometry, redraw if necessary → isocurves

              – avoid duplicates and small objects (<0.1mm)

              – join outlines

              – cutting → red (rgb 255,0,0)

              – engraving → black (rgb 0,0,0)

              – Only export geometry you want to cut/engrave → avoid hidden objects, textboxes, or watermarks

– export file as PDF 

– laser bed dimensions → 1000x600mm

– read raplab laser tutorial

– login once and batch process your files

– keep your cutting time below 60min per individual or group

– inform the next user 5 min before you’re done so they can begin to upload their file