Opening Hours

Access to the workshops

Plaster Workshop (GWS) and Wood Workshop (HWS)

In the first year of study, you will receive an obligatory introduction to safety and model making by the Raplab, which takes place in these two workshops.
Upon successful completion, you have access during opening hours.

Digital workshop (DWS)

From your 2nd year of study you can use the digital workshop. You have to register once in the Raplab with your ETH card. You will learn how to operate the machines independently in self-study. Instructions for the machines and small exercises to get to know can be found on our website (Machine Tutorials and Model Building Tutorials).

If you have any problems using the machines that you cannot solve by studying the instructions, use the consultation hours (Monday – Friday, 11 a.m.-12 a.m.) in the digital workshop. Registration is not required.