Raise 3D

General Information

  • 3. Semester or higher
  • 3D Print introduction completed and passed


  1. Import your stl into the software IdeaMaker
  2. Add support structure if needed
  3. Open the slicing menu
  4. Choose the printer model
  5. Choose the print settings
  6. Start slicing
  7. Check the preveiw
  8. Export the g-code file to your usb stick

At the printer

  1. Unlock the printer with your ETH card
  2. Connect usb stick and choose file in the printer menu
  3. Start the print

Cost: CHF 1.-/h
Area: 305mm x 305mm
Height: 300mm

White PLA Filament, 1.75mm, provided by the Raplab


Import stl file (1)

Check position, rotation, add support structure if necessary (1). Start Slicing (2).

  • Choose printer (1)
  • Choose print settings (2)
  • Start slicing (3)
  • Check print time (1)
  • Preview the slicingĀ  (2)
  • Check print sequence (1)
  • Save to usb stick (2)
  • Or close the preview (3)


The stick must be formated FAT32 in order to be recognized.

Please contact a Raplab staff member