Access And Priority


Access to the workshop depends on the semester you are in and on the introductions you took. The following diagrams outline how users access the workshops from different perspectives and serve as procedural guidelines for new students, researchers, and employees.  

Raplab Access Diagram:

Raplab Access for different entities

Bachelor Students
All bachelor students get a comprehensive institutionalized introduction to safety and the workshops a week before the start of their second semester. After the in-person introduction, they are allowed to use the wood workshop and the plaster workshop. The introduction to the digital workshop is done at the start of the third semester. Students can complete the necessary course for the digital workshop in a self-study format at their own pace.

Master Students starting at ETH
You must inform the Raplab staff if you come from another university to the ETH to do your master’s to get an appointment for an in-person introduction. We do not recognize safety and shop certificates from other universities.

MAS/CAS Programs
Students of MAS/CAS programs can get access to the Raplab at the request of the program coordinator. Please contact your program coordinator if you need access to our facilities. We do not offer individual introductions to MAS/CAS students.

Ph.D. / Staff
Researchers and faculty members can get introductions by individual appointment. The basic structure for getting access to the workshops is the same as the one for the students.

Other Departments or ETH entities
The Raplab is always open for collaborations and for giving access to other ETH entities as long as our Students can use the workshops for their studies without being impaired by other activities. Feel free to contact us to see if we have the capacity to help you with your project.

Entities outside of ETH
People not associated with ETH have no access to our services or facilities. 


Priority to machines and resources is given to users in the following order:

  1. Diploma Students (MA)
  2. MA and BA work for design studios and “Fachsemester”
  3. Ph.D. Students and Researchers
  4. MAS/CAS Students
  5. Projects for elective classes
  6. Teaching/Research related work for a chair
  7. Work from other departments or institutions inside of the ETH

We expect that users categorize the work type independently and judge their work’s priority accordingly.

Work for internships, personal work, work for architectural offices, and other work unrelated to the curriculum is not allowed at the Raplab.