DWS Digital Workshop

HIL B41.3


The DWS Digital Workshop offers students an extensive infrastructure with laser cutters, cutting plotters, CNC hot wire cutters and 3D printers for the realisation of their projects. The workshop represents a low-threshold access to the first steps of digital fabrication and enables direct access to testing the digital chain (CAD > CAM > CNC).


From your 2nd year of study, you can use the digital workshop. You have to register once in the Raplab with your ETH card. You will learn how to operate the machines independently in self-study. Instructions for the machines and small exercises to get to know can be found on our website (Machine Tutorials and Model Building Tutorials).

If you have any problems using the machines that you cannot solve by studying the instructions, use the consultation hours (Monday – Friday, 11 a.m.-12 a.m.) in the digital workshop. Registration is not required.


Cost and Invoicing

The following principals apply for calculating the amount you get charged each month:

1. You will be charged for the duration of login to logout!  

2, Each machine has a specific associated cost that is multiplied with the time used

3. The login-logout time is rounded down to the last full minute

Further: Students get an email with a detailed summary of their machine usage each month and will receive an official ETH invoice for their Raplab DWS usage each month in order to control costs effectifly.


Cetus 3D Printer

Price: CHF 1.- / hour
Area: 180mm x 180mm
Hight: 280mm

Vacuum thermoformer

For free
– 480mm x 430mm
– 432mm x 228mm
– 228mm x 204mm

Laser Cutter

Price: CHF 20.- / hour
Area: 1000mm x 610mm


Price: CHF 30.- / hour
Area: 800mm x 1300mm


Price: CHF 30.- / hour
Area: 1600mm x 1300mm