Paint Workshop


#1 Personal protective equipment and first aid

The paint workshop allows students and researchers to paint models in a professional and safe environment. The following rules apply to use the paint workshop:

  • Only solvent-free paint (Acrylic Paint) is permitted
  • Max. dimension of the part to be painted: 500x500x300mm
  • FFP-2 Mask, or equivalent, required
  • No spraying outside of the booth
Remember: Take care of the environment and ensure that the things you paint must be painted. Especially structural models with trusses and voids create a lot of oversprays and lead to tremendous amounts of waste. Keep in mind that there is always the option to paint your model carefully with a brush or a roller to achieve similar or even better results!
Recycling: Empty spray cans can be disposed of inside the workshop – please check the labeled container for further information.