Learning and understanding how machines, material systems, and manufacturing processes work is no minor task. It takes a model builder four years to complete vocational training, and the same is true for many jobs that deal with the built environment. That said, our goal is not to train every student to become an architectural model builder. Instead, our goal is to convey practical techniques and safety instructions for machines that enable students to make their models and use them during the design process as tools for spatial investigations. 
Completing the different courses will grant you access to workshops or individual machines in combination with your Raplab-Account.

How To

The main introduction you have to take in any case is the one on safety. After completing the safety introduction, the general workshop introductions into the wood workshop, the plaster workshop, and the digital workshop become available to you. Successful completion of a moodle course lays the foundation for the physical introductions. To work in one of our workshops, you must complete the general safety introduction mentioned above, the moodle course of the workshop you want to work in, and the class with physical attendance.