The Raplab uses the format of the seminar week to expand its activities, from the usual model building to experiments on a larger scale. Within this scope lie various research topics, ranging from searching for new methodologies and design approaches to in-depth studies of techniques and material systems. 

With the students, we seek transformative change by taking action and doing research, linked together by critical reflection. The made object becomes the cornerstone of this dialogue within craftsmanship and design and reveals the interconnection between making and thinking.

Learning Spaces HS23

An Informal Intervention at ETH Library

How do we use unconventional interventions in formal spaces to inspire informal learning and exchange among students?


We invite you to join us in exploring the meaning of paper, books, and libraries for our learning environments at ETH. By experimenting with paper, cardboard, and books as our raw materials, we will collectively develop a spatial installation for the main library of ETH. We will explore and develop diverse strategies to create moments and spaces for collective learning, gathering, and exchange. Experts from various fields accompany us to provide a broad spectrum of perspectives on our approaches. The gradual stacking of ideas will unfold in the Raplab workshops. The final installation will create episodes and chapters that manifest themselves during a one-day event called “Rock your Master’s,” designed to help master students with the organization of their thesis and introduce them to essential tools and formats the ETH offers to guide them through the process of writing their thesis successfully.


23-27.10.2023 plus 07.11.2023 | 15 Participants | Cost frame: A


Raplab, in collaboration with:

→ ELS — ETH Learning Space Lab

→ ETH Library

→ Recyclinghof Hagenholz


Teaching team:

Charlotte Schaeben, Alessandro Tellini, and many more…


Past Seminarweeks: