HWS Tool Lending Library



The tool lending library is part of the Raplab wood workshop and facilitates access to simple hand tools and machines. You can find the following machines / kits in the tool lending library inside of the wood workshop:

  • Model Building Kit                                  
  • Sheet Metal Kit
  • Cordless Drill
  • Jiggsaw
  • Sander
  • Heatgun
  • Metalshear
  • Tool box
  • Cordless Bandsaw (Metall)
  • Oscillator
  • Dremel
  • Track saw*

Notes and Rules

  • Tools from the tool lending library are ment to be used inside of the raplab work shops only!
  • You have to have a valid ETH-Card, a Raplab-Account and you passed the basic introduction to the wood workshop in order to use the tool lending library.
  • Tools can only be lent during opening hours and must be returned the same day.
  • Please check the content of the systainer at the beginning to ensure that everything is in order. Report any missing parts to the Raplab-Staff immediately.
  • Tools labeled with an asterisk are available on special request and require training by the Raplab-Staff.
  • Exceptions regarding lending time are Model Building Kits, Sheet Metal Kits, Tool Boxes, Dremel and Cordless Drills. Maximum lending time on weekdays 24h (also availabele on weekends). Can be used outside Wood Workshop.

The ETH Baubibliothek offers a large assortment of hand or power tools if you need 
for at home or to work somewhere other than the wood workshop! Check their website for further information


Model Building Kit 
Available: 6

Tool Box
Available: 3

Cordless Drill
Available: 4

Available: 2

Sheet Metal Kit
Available: 2

Escentric Sander
Available: 1

Available: 2

Metal Sheet Scissors
Available: 1

Track saw*
Available: 1

Available: 1

Cordless Bandsaw
Available: 1

Available: 1