HWS Wood Workshop



The Raplab wood workshop is the central model building space here at the department. It offers a wide range of possibilities to work with model building materials such as wood, MDF, plywood, chipboard, cardboard, and to a limited extent, sheet metal (manual tools only). The workshop is split into two main areas: Students can work independently in the student workspace after completing comprehensive safety and in-person introductions.

The Raplab HWS Wood Workshop offers students essential equipment for model making with wood, woodwork, and plastics. A wide range of equipment, including band saws, grinding wheels, drilling machines, and hand tools, are available to all students, enabling them to create models for design quickly.

The workshop is complemented by a fully equipped carpentry workshop, with the help of which more complex works/projects are also possible. We offer the option to assist you with your work by breaking down large panels and stock to a more manageable size. Please keep in mind that this is optional, and students should discuss requests with the workshop responsible person to allow for the necessary planning.

Information on HWS Tool lending library

Workshop Overview

  1. Student work area
  2. Staff work area
  3. Phone (Emergency number 888)
  4. Personal protective equipment and first aid
  5. Tool lending library



Band Saw


Disc Sander

Scroll Band Saw


Drill Press

Spindle Sander

Edge Sander

Scroll Saw