Raplab Account

The so-called Raplab Account is required for all users that want to work in the facilities of the raplab. Anyone associated with the ETH can get an account, but remember that the Raplab is predominantly for the architecture department, its students, researchers, and staff. 
The Raplab Account allows us to track the machines and tools you’re using and to give permissions for these tools depending on the workshop introductions and safety training you have. 
Please visit our workshop pages for tools, availability, billing, and other details specific to each workshop.


Permission to use any facility of the raplab is only given after completing our safety introduction course on moodle. Please complete the course before you register for an account.

Raplab Safety Introduction 

How to create an account?

1. Complete the safety introduction
2. Go to the registration page and log in with your ETHZ credentials (username and password). www.malta.ethz.ch/wp-login.php
3. To complete your registration, you must match your card and account by going to one of the workshops and putting your card on the reader below the screen. You will get a green confirmation message that shows that you successfully created your account. 
After that process, you’re ready to go!


What happens if I lose my ETH card?

  • Replace your card as soon as possible. Your account will automatically update with the next login.

How does the billing system work?

  • You will receive an email on the first day of the month with a detailed list of machine usage and an invoice for the total amount later in the semester.

To what workshops/machines do I have access?

  • You will only get access to machines and workshops you introduced.

How do I get access to machines that I do not have permission to use?

  • Ask a raplab staff member. Typically these are machines operated by our staff only.

Where can I check how much time I spent on a specific machine?

  • You will get a personalized email at the first of each month that shows in detail what machines (only the ones we charge you for) have been used.

Can I lend my card to someone else?

  • The ETH card is personalized and should not be given to other people. This rule is for your safety and prevents tools and machines’ misuse. 

Do I have access to other workshops within the ETH with my raplab account? 

  • No, unfortunately not.