Recycling And Waste

Digital Workshop

Please be considerate of how you  use the material and help us to reduce waste by adapting the following considerations for your work:

3d Printing

  1. Reduce the amount of infill
  2. Avoid using support material
  3. Put the 3D print waste and prints that are no longer used into the recycling bin.

Digital Cutting

  1. Arrange your parts as closely as the machine will allow
  2. Responsibly process your offcuts so they look appealing to another machine user before placing them into the offcuts rack. (Rectangular pieces without holes)
  3. Place pieces that are not likely to be reused in the recycling

Sheet Material Rack

Please only place rectangular offcuts into the digital workshop sheet material rack. L-shaped or irregularly shaped pieces can be processed on the guillotine beforehand.

If workshop users cannot see what material is available then it will never get used. Please try to keep the rack in organized in a way that all the material is visible and easy to access.