Rapid Architectural Prototyping Laboratory

Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich


Opening Hours – End of Semester

The Raplab HIL is opening its digital workshop, the spray booth, and the tool lending library on the upcoming weekends to alleviate some of the pressure towards the end of the semester. Please refer to our opening hours to get additional information and to plan your final weeks: Raplab Opening Hours. 

Tip: Keep in mind that it helps everyone if you build your models early and consider how you use our infrastructure. Ask yourself if you really need to build the whole model from scratch, or if it’s fine to just update the model in parts. 

Group Raplab Representatives

Each chair at D-ARCH has a newly appointed Group Raplab Representative who acts as a central point of contact for the students and their needs. Check out who is responsible in your chair if you notice any misalignment between workload and workshop capacity or general questions regarding the Raplab.

Zund Tutorial HIL

Please check out our new Zund tutorial before you come to the workshop. We standardized the color coding between Zund and Laser-cutters to ensure that the drawings become interchangeable on the two types of machines.

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New 3d-Printers HIL/ONA

The Raplab updated its old 3d-printers last semester and has ten new Prusa printers at HIL and two at ONA. Please follow our new tutorial to get all the parameters before you start printing.

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