Concrete Mixer

General Information

1 machine available

For Concrete and Cement only!

In order to use this machine you must have succesfully completed the following courses:

  • general safety introduction course
  • introduction to the plaster workshop
  • Tie long hair back
  • Wear proper workshop clothes
  • Wear a dust mask
  • Wear safety glasses
Please check our workshop rules for more detailed safety instructions.
  • Concrete
  • Cement

Concrete Mixer overview

  1. Power switch
  2. Timer
  3. Opening Handle
  • Select mixing time (2) (90 or 180 seconds, at ∞ you have to switch off manually)
  • Open the lid (3) and fill in material (less than 20 kg)
  • Switch the machine on (1) during the lid is open
  • Close the lid (agitation starts automatically)
  • If you choose ∞ switch of the machine manually (1)
  • Open the lid and remove the mixed material
  • Clean the machine profoundly (bucket, stirrer and machine)

Things of importance

  • Cement dusk is unhealthy; it there is a lot of dust, everyone in the room should wear a mask.
  • Clean the machine immediately after use. First cleaning step is to fill water in the bucket and switch the machine on.