02 – Dress Code at Raplab

Using the term «dress code» in connection with a workshop may be a little confusing at first. Of course, the definition of certain clothing rules is not about imposing on our users how colourful or not they should appear on our facilities. It is, once again, all about safety. Below you will find the outfits we do not wish to see. And we would like to point out in advance: the Raplab staff will kindly but firmly remind you to make adjustments in case of need.

The following is a checklist for safe workwear! These items or things could get caught in a machine, leading to a bad accident.

(Pictures to be updated)


  • No rings on your hand
  • Long hair tied up
  • No bracelets on your wrist
  • No long necklace
  • No headphones
  • No scarf
  • No gloves when working with rotating machines
  • Closed and flat shoes with good soles
  • No jackets
  • No backpacks
  • No laces of all sorts that dangle from your cloths