Drill Press

General Information

2 machines available

  • Max. hight: 150mm
  • Max. width: 180mm
  • Table size: 450mm x 340mm
  • drill hole debth can be determined

1 machine available

  • Max. hight: 450mm
  • Max. width: 255mm
  • Table size: 650mm x 435mm
  • Drill hole debth can be determined
  • Works in both directions
  • Variable speed drill

In order to use this machine you must have succesfully completed the following courses:

  • General safety introduction course
  • Introduction to the wood workshop
  • Do not wear gloves 
  • Tie back long hair
  • Wear proper workshop clothes
  • Work piece must rest on the table at all times or even be fixed to it with clamps
  • Use only allowed materials
Please check our workshop rules for more detailed safety instructions
  • Solid wood
  • PU-Foam like Renshape, Obomodulan, Sikaplate, Ureol or similar
  • Plate material like MDF, LDF, Chipboard, Plywood, OSB or similar
The drill press can not be used for any type of metal, glas, plaster, concrete or thermo plastics!

Drill Press Overview

  1. Power switch
  2. Handle
  3. Drill chuck
  4. Table adjustment
  5. Depth stop
  6. Spoilboard

Things of Importance

  • For working with small work pieces use a vice
  • Use only light pressure to avoid heat accumulation
  • Drill the hole in steps
  • Always support your work piece on the machine table or even attache it with clamps
  • If you want to enlarge a alrady existing hole, always fix your work piece on the machine table with clamps or use a vice