General Information

Machine available on request

  • Max. width: 260mm
  • Max. depth: 160mm
  • 2 feed rates

Machine available on request

  • Do not wear gloves¬†
  • Tie long hair back
  • Wear proper workshop clothes
  • Use only allowed materials
Please check our workshop rules for more detailed safety instructions
  • Solid wood ONLY

Planer Overview

  1. Power switch
  2. Feed rate shift handle
  3. In/out feed table
  4. Table raising/lowring handwheel
  5. Debth of cut scale

Things of Importance

  • Do not cut more than 1mm per step
  • Use the hndwheel (4) to lower ore rise the machine table
  • Regular feed rate 1
  • The minimal length of you work piece must be 120mm or longer
  • Place your work piece on the table and push it with some pressure till the machine takes it
  • Never hold you hand into the machine
  • If your work piece is stuck in the machine, lower the table (4) and turn off the machine (1) befor getting it out