Large Vacuum Former

  1. Unlock the machine with your ETH card
  2. Turn on the machine and heating elements
  3. Place mold on the lifting platform
  4. Install the material in the frame
  5. Heat up the material
  6. Lift the platform and turn on the vacuum pump
  7. Remove the part and turn the machine off
  • Cost: free
  • Frame small: 200x220mm, material: 230x260mm
  • Frame big: 230x430mm, material: 260x460mm

Regarding the mold:

  • no undercut on the mold
  • include taper angles of a few degrees
  • PS (Polystyrene)
  • PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol)
  • PMMA (Acrylic)
  • 0.3mm to 5mm thick

Material for the mold must be a heat resistant material:

  • Timber
  • High density Polyurethane
  • FDM 3D print (cover with aluminum foil)
  • Plaster


  1. Turn on the machine with your ETH card
  2. Turn the machine on with the main switch (1)
  3. Turn on the needed heating elements (2). Normally all elements are to be set to MAX.
  4. Activate the heating elements (3)
  1. Install the desired frame (small or large) and clamp it down (4)
  2. Insert your form in the center of the lifting platform (5)
  3. Insert the material and clamp it down (6)
  4. Slide the heating element over the material (7)
  5. Check the progress of the heating (varies with thickness and material), material should deform in order to be moldable.
  6. Slide the heating element (7) back, lift the platform with the lever to the left (8) and turn on the vacuum pump (9) shortly afterwards by pushing the switch up.
  7. Press the counterpressure button (10) for an easier removal later
  8. Loose the frame and remove your objects, turn off the heating elements and the machine with the main switch.


  • Drill holes where possible
  • Heat up the material even more
  • Reduce heat or heating time
  • Reduce the temperature and increase the time if you have thicker material
  • Use a mold release agent
  • Increase the taper angle
  • The material got too hot