Band Saw

General Information

1 machine available

  • Cutting width: 565mm
  • Table size: 610mm x 870mm

4 machines available, 1 dedicated to MDF and acrylic

  • Cutting width: 365mm
  • Table size: 515mm x 400mm

In order to use this machine you must have succesfully completed the following courses:

  • General safety introduction course
  • Introduction to the wood workshop
  • Do not wear gloves 
  • Tie long hair back
  • Wear proper workshop clothes
  • Work piece must rest on the table at all times
  • Use only allowed materials
Please check our workshop rules for more detailed safety instructions
  • Solid wood
  • PU-Foam like Renshape, Obomodulan, Sikaplate, Ureol or similar
  • Plate material like MDF, LDF, Chipboard, Plywood, OSB or similar

Band Saw Overview

  1. Power switch
  2. Guide assembly
  3. Rip fence
  4. Off cuts bin
  5. Wheel for adjusting guide hight
  6. Guide post lock
  7. Guide post

Things of Importance

  • Never work from behind the bandsaw, pulling the workpiece
  • The guide assembly (2) must be placed two fingers wide above your work piece
  • For working with small work pieces, use the available jigs ore change to the scroll saw 
  • Use only light pressure to avoid blade deflection
  • Turn off the machine before pulling back the work piece
  • Always support your work piece on the machine table
  • Always use both hands to guide your work piece while cutting it
  • Avoid cutting narrow curves
  • Do not cut materials thicker than 80mm


Cutting Jig 45°

  1. Cutting jig 45° (also available, 22.5° / 26.6°)
  2. Clamp to attach the aid to the rip fence
  3. Workpiece

You can move the cutting jig sidedways (left/right) to define the position of the cut