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Contact Person: Lila Siewczyk
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Available Materials

A   Plaster (Modellbaugips 0)  →  1.00 CHF/kg
B   Cement (Portlandcement)  → 0.50 CHF/kg
C   Sand (1-4mm/washed)  →  0.50 CHF/kg

Sand 1-4mm

How to buy materials

  1. Calculate the needed Volume and add 10% on top (Plaster/Concrete)
  2. Measure ingredients
  3. Pay
    • Scan QR-Code with photo-app (NOT directly with TWINT-app!)
    • Choose your preferred payment option (TWINT or Card)
    • Pay your material according to weight

Self-Service Rules

  • Materials from the RAPLAB material shop are only meant to be used inside the casting workshop!
  • The self-service shop is based on trust.
  • Close the lids of the material buckets (plaster/cement) when you’re done.