Raplab: Introduction And Safety

The section „Introduction and Safety“ introduces general work safety aspects and working guidelines at the Raplab. This course provides foundational information necessary to receive further training.

Completing the Moodle Quiz in the end of this section enables you to enrol for all other workshop introductions and in-person classes that we offer to access the wood, plaster, or digital workshop of the Raplab.

Who is this course for?
The Raplab: Introduction and Work Safety class presents an overview of the general work safety rules that apply during your studies/research/work at the department of architecture ETH Zurich. The material presented during this course is designed for BA-, MA-, PhD-students, teaching staff, and employees of the department of architecture ETH Zurich.

By taking this course, you acknowledge your active part in upholding safe working procedures by adhering to our work guidelines. You commit to making others aware of violations against our work safety standards. 

What will I learn?

  1. You will receive an oversight of the Raplab and its infrastructure
  2. You will get an overview of work safety in general and specific work safety rules
  3. You will get a refresher in first aid with a particular focus on ETH procedures
  4. You will understand best practices for creating a safe work environment
How do I complete the course?

To complete this course, users must pass the Moodle quiz after studying the learning material below.
Reading through the content and completing the quiz will take about one hour.