Scroll Saw


The scroll saw is a typical model builder’s or toy maker’s tool used to make intricate shapes in plywood and similar sheet material. The fine-tooth sawblades allow for tight curves, sharp turns, and immaculate control. The ability to thread the sawblade through small holes allows for internal cutouts that are otherwise only possible with a laser cutter.
The scroll saw is typically used to cut iso-curves for landscape models, detailed facade parts, and intricate scale figures.

Scroll Saw Overview

#1 Power switch
#2 Speed regulation
#3 Drop foot
#4 Lock for drop foot height adjustment
#5 Tensioner cutting blade
#6 Top blade retention wing nut
#7 Air Assistance

Machine Handling


Adjust the drop foot (#3) to the material thickness to avoid vibration before starting the machine. The lowering foot is set correctly when it touches the workpiece lightly without exerting pressure. Use the scroll bandsaw instead of the scroll saw for material thicker than 20mm.

Set the speed (#2) to slow before starting the cut, and use both hands to guide your workpiece. Use only light pressure to avoid blade deflection. Adjust the air assist if necessary to get a clear view of the cut. 

How To

A frequently used technique demonstrated in the image above requires the saw blade to be inserted into the workpiece through a hole to create an internal cut-out.

Sawblade Replacement

To replace the blade or to insert it into a hole, loosen the tensioning lever and loosen the wing nuts at the top and the bottom of the blade holding mechanism. Note that it is sometimes necessary to remove the drop foot to get easier access to the blade!

Insert the new saw blade with the teeth facing downwards into the holding mechanism, tighten the retaining screws, and tension the blade. Pluck the blade like a guitar string; the blade is properly tensioned if you hear a high-pitched ringing sound. 

Acceptable Materials

Available Machines

  • Cutting width: 530mm
  • Table size: 580mm x 340mm


  • Cuts from pushing the workpiece by hand
  • Flying debris from shattering material

Work Safety

  • Adjust the drop foot before turning the machine on to avoid vibration
  • Adjust the cutting speed before turning the machine on
  • Do not cut material above 20mm 
  • Wear proper workshop clothes
  • The workpiece must rest on the table at all times


The scroll saw is mainly used for cutting iso-curves for landscape models and other intricate details that require tight curves. The ability to insert the blade into holes opens up the possibility for internal cut-outs. This is the only machine in the Raplab where you can replace broken saw blades by yourself.