Trotec Laser Cutter

General Information

  • 3. Semester or higher
  • Laser introduction completed and passed
  1. Turn on the laser cutter and computer
  2. Unlock the machine with your ETH card
  3. Place the material onto the laser bed
  4. Focus
  5. Upload your PDF into Ruby
  6. Choose placement and material
  7. Cut
  8. Turn off the laser cutter and the computer after use

Cost: 20.- / h
Area: 1000mm x 610mm
File: PDF, vector-based


  • Cut = Red (RGB 255,0,0) (Hairline / 0.01pt / 0.01mm thick)
  • Engraved Line = Black (RGB 0,0,0) (Hairline / 0.01pt / 0.01mm thick)
  • Engraved Area = Blue (RGB 0,0,255)
  • Acrylic Glass (Plexiglas, PMMA) (0.5mm to 10mm)
  • Paper (up to 300g)
  • Corrugated Cardboard (1.5mm to 3.5mm)
  • Cardboard (0.5mm to 4mm)
  • Air-Ply (1mm to 2mm)
  • Poplar Plywood (3mm to 10mm)


  1. Unlock the machine with your ETH card at the entrance door
  2. Turn on the laser cutter by turning the key to the right (1)
  3. Place the material on the upper left corner of the laser bed
  4. Move the laser head over the material with the navigation keys (2)
  5. Focus on to the material surface by pressing both AF-keys at the same time (3)
  6. If you want to start your file at a specific spot drive there manually with the navigation keys (2)
  7. As soon the laser job started you can anytime stop the process with the “Pause/Play” key. (4)

Turn on


Place material in the top left corner


Place laser head over material



  • Open the laser software “Ruby”
  • Log in with the auto-filled credentials if neccessary
  • If the message “Job Control isn’t running. Do you want to switch to Ruby?” appears, accept it with “Yes”

Tab 1: Import (1) your PDF (2)

Tab 2: Delete the white area around your drawing (1) or skip with “create job”

Tab 3: The position of the laser (1) should be visible and can be used to position your file. Choose the material from the drop down menu (2). Then continue with “push to laser” (3).

Tab 4: Check the material settings and start the laser process (1).

Please clean your workspace and turn off machine and computer after you’ve finished cutting.

Laser Cutter “Caruso”

The laser cutter called “Caruso” functions basicly the same as all the other laser cutters, only the focus works in a different way.

  1. Move the laser-head over the material.
  2. Mount the distance gauge.
  3. Raise the laser bed incrementally until the distance gauge falls off.
  4. Store the distance gauge. The laser cutter is now in focus.


Refresh the website.

Check the file for not needed items, e.g. a frame around the drawing. Open a graphics program for this task like Illustrator and switch to vector view. You’ll see all the elements and delete those which are not intended to be there.

You can start your print job again to fully cut trough. Please contact a Staff-Member so the preset can be optimized.

In some cases the laser-job can be continued with the “Play” button. If this doesn’t work you’ll have to restart the machine and check your file in-depth. Often geometries with too many anchor points or very small line-segments lead to this problem.

Convert colors (in Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  1. Tools
  2. Print production
  3. Convert colors
  4. Convert to “Apple RGB”
  5. Close the edit mode

Fix Hairlines (in Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  1. Tools
  2. Print Production
  3. Fix hairlines
  4. Upper Number = 1
  5. Lower Number = 0
  6. Close the edit mode