Model and Design

Elective Class, HIL B61


The elective class model and design provides an opportunity to engage with model-building questions on an advanced level.  During the class, we explore a variety of different materials and techniques in order to expand our tacit knowledge in regard to the act of making itself. We develop a methodical approach that expands on the idea of the maker as the creator of intellectual and physical tools. Therefore we use our hands as the extension of our own taught and learn how to become independent makers.  

Teaching Staff: Alessandro Tellini, Christian Egli, Henry Welch


052-0535-00L Model & Design (HS) / 052-0536-00L Model & Design (FS)

Elective with practical exercises –  3 ETCS
The class is limited to 16 students

Every Thursday from 16-20:00, HIL B 61


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