Facade Model (with Zund Cutting Plotter)

Zünd Aufgabe

How to build a relief facade model with cut contour lines and engraved details, scale 1:50:

  • Design a facade 12 by 15 meters in 1:50 scale. The facade will be used as template for your relief model.
  • The facade should incorporate approx. four distinct layers, showing different features, like doors, window frames and alike.
  • You may want to add extra details by engraving with the knife or the pen tool.


  1. Prepare a 2D drawing suited for a 1:50 cardboard facade model
  2. Understanding the basics of working with Rhino3d
  3. Learn how to operate the Zund cutting plotter


  • 1 mm grey cardboard or other, approx. 900 mm  x 600 mm
  • Spray adhesive

Additional Learning Material (Tutorials)