Cetus 3D Printer

General Information

  • 3. Semester or higher
  • Self-study this 3D Print tutorial
  • Printer only running during office hours
  1. Unlock the printer with your ETH card
  2. Turn the printer on by pressing and holding the switch for 2 seconds
  3. Upload your stl file into the software “UP Studio”
  4. Check the orientation and postition of your part
  5. Choose print settings
  6. Check if sufficient material is on the spool
  7. Click “Print”

Check if the first layer sticks to the surface – if not abort the print and report it to a Raplab employee.

Cost: 1.- / h
Area: 180mm x 180mm
Height: 180mm

White PLA filament, 1.75mm, provided by the Raplab


  • Unlock the machine with your ETH card
  • Turn on the machine with the trigger switch by holding it for 2-3 seconds until the beep indicates that the initialization (calibration) of the printer is starting.
  • Open the Tiertime Software on the computer next to the 3D printers
  • Choose “up”
  • Import file

Choose your print settings

  • Layer thickness (1)
  • Infill (2)
  • Quality settings (3)
  • Support yes / no (4)
  • Extend print settings (5)
  • Check “Easy to peel” (6)
  • Further settings, position, scaling, edit support structure (7)
  • Preview print sequence (8)
  • Check print sequence (1)
  • Check print time (2)
  • Start the print or cancel with “Exit preview” (3)

Check the progress of the print from time to time. You can set a timer with the software-suggested duration to be right on time to pick it up.


Check if the power and usb cable is  connected to the  printer properly.

Report the malfunction to a staff-member and switch to an other printer.

The print surface needs to be cleaned and a calibration needs to be made. Please contact the Raplab Staff.