Parametric Tower

Scale: 1:1000
Material: 4mm PMMA (Floors), 10mm PMMA (Core)

Installing Rhino3D and Grasshopper

Please refer to this page for downloading and installing Rhino and Grasshopper as well as an in-depth introduction to Rhino and Grasshopper. 

Download the Grasshopper Definition

After successfully installing the software you can download the Grasshopper definition for this tutorial here.

Individual Design Exploration

  1. Open Rhino7 and load the grasshopper file.
  2. Use the sliders in the four pink boxes to adjust the overall shape of the tower (Fig. 1).
  3. Explore your design options in realtime in the Rhino viewport (Fig 3).
  4. Once you are done designing double click the design / fabrication toggle in the pink bubble.
  5. Right-click the component “Lasercurves” and press “bake” to generate the curves for laser-cutting.
Optional: Measure your material thickness and adjust drawings accordingly!

Laser-Cutting Preparation

  1. Go to top-view in Rhino and print to PDF (Ctrl+P).
  2. Check your document size and line weight according to the specifications.
    (Use the how to export a PDF guide for Rhino if you run into any problems)


  1. Download the PDF-File for the core and the base form here!
  2. Laser-cut both files (the one you created (4mm) and the one you downloaded (10mm)).
  3. Sand the 10mm core with 150 grit sandpaper to create a translucent matte finish.
  4. Square off one end of the core using the disk sander. 
  5. Use a paintbrush and dichloromethane to adhere your core to the base
    (the part with the engraved square)


  1. Slide your laser-cut pieces down the core.
  2. Once all the pieces are on the core, score a line on the core to indicate the full height.
  3. Remove some of your floors and cut your core to size
    (leaving an extra 0.5mm or so)
  4. Slide the floors back onto the core except one. Use the Sanding jig, provided with the core and base PDF file to sand your core to the final size.
  5. Add your final parts to the core