Landscape Model (Laser Cutting)


How to build a landscape model with cut contour lines, engraved cadastre data and a 3d-printed building, scale 1:1000:

  • Use the GIS browser to select a 100x100m plot in Zurich.
  • The model should feature different contours, engraved information showing streets and plots (AV-Data).  
  • Select one plot for a 3d-printed building.


  1. Learn how to prepare and acquire data for landscape models
  2. Understand the basics of working with Rhino3d
  3. Know and understand the use of the Isohypsen-Rhino-Plugin
  4. Learn how to operate the laser cutter and 3d-printer


  • 1 mm white cardboard or other, approx. 900 mm x 600 mm
  • Spray adhesive

Additional Learning Material (Tutorials)

  1. Landscape model (post)
  2. GIS data for landscape models
  3. Rhino Basics 
  4. Rhino Isohypsen Plugin installation and use (video)
  5. Laser Cutter Tutorial
  6. 3D Printer Tutorial