Landscape Model (Laser Cutting)


How to build a landscape model with cut contour lines, engraved cadastre data and a 3d-printed building, scale 1:1000:

  • Use the GIS browser to select a 100x100m plot in Zurich.
  • The model should feature different contours, engraved information showing streets and plots (AV-Data).  
  • Select one plot for a 3d-printed building.


  1. Learn how to prepare and acquire data for landscape models
  2. Understand the basics of working with Rhino3d
  3. Know and understand the use of the Isohypsen-Rhino-Plugin
  4. Learn how to operate the laser cutter and 3d-printer


  • 1 mm white cardboard or other, approx. 900 mm x 600 mm
  • Spray adhesive

Additional Learning Material (Tutorials)