Drill Press

Drill Press General Information Optimum B 23 Pro 2 machines available Max. hight: 150mm Max. width: 180mm Table size: 450mm x 340mm […]

Scroll Saw

Scroll Saw General Information Excalibur EX-21CE 1 machines available Cutting width: 530mm Table size: 580mm x 340mm Requirements In order to use […]

Spindle Sander

Spindle Sander General Information Zimmermann OZS Machine available on request Diameter: 100mm Max. hight: 160mm Rotation speed: 1440 – 2870 /min Table […]


Planer General Information INCA automatic Machine available on request Max. width: 260mm Max. depth: 160mm 2 feed rates Requirements Machine available on […]

Edge Sander

Edge Sander General Information KS 150 1 machine available Sanding hight: 120mm Sanding area : 120mm x 880mm Requirements In order to […]

Band Saw

Band Saw General Information Hema Garant 600 1 machine available Cutting width: 565mm Table size: 610mm x 870mm Hammer N4400 4 machines […]

Disc Sander

Disc Sander General Information BMT-SM40B 4 machines available Diameter: 400mm  Sanding Area: max. 190mm on the left side of the disc Grit: […]